About Egret Miles
Introduction to Egret Miles

The Xiamen Airlines Group’s Egret Miles is a specially-designed mileage reward program that benefits its passengers. All passengers joining Egret Miles are entitled to the program benefits. Xiamen Airlines cooperates with various, well-known brands to offer diverse miles earning opportunities and award redemption choices to Egret Miles members. As an Egret Miles member, you can easily earn miles by flying with Xiamen Airlines or SkyTeam partner airlines, or by purchasing goods from our partners. With your miles, you can redeem award tickets, award upgrades, and exquisite products from Xiamen Airlines’ online mart, etc. 

Introduction to Egret Junior Card Program
Egret Junior Card Program is specially designed for children and young travelers between the ages of 2 and 23 years old: travelers between 2 and 11 years old are children while those between 12 and 23 years old are young traveler. Miles earned by the Egret Junior Card member will remain valid through December 31 of the year the member becomes 27 years old.

How to apply

Travels aged between the age of 2 and 23 can apply for Egret Junior Card membership on Xiamen Airlines’ official website, at a ticketing office or on any Xiamen Airlines flight. Children between the ages of 2 and 11 must complete their applications through the Xiamen Airlines’ official website, and enter the Egret card number and inquiry password of one of their parents.

  • 1. Children can only join Egret Junior Card program on Xiamen Airlines’ website.

  • 2. Young traveler can join Egret Junior Card program on Xiamen Airlines’ website, ticketing offices or on any Xiamen Airlines’ flights.

  • 3. Egret Junior Card Program members can earn miles as follows:

    Class of Service

    Booking class

    Award miles for children

    Award miles for young traveler

    (% of TPM)

    First Classes




    Business Classes




    Economy Classes






    Other Classes

    Accrual standard for adult passengers shall apply.

  • 4. The validity period of miles accrued by Egret Junior Card Program members will be extended to 31st December of the year when the member reaches 27. The Junior Card will be automatically upgraded to an Egret Card on January 1st in the year after the member reaches 23 years old.

  • 5. Egret Junior Card Program members can also redeem their award miles for award tickets, award upgrades and exquisite products from Xiamen Airlines’ online mart.

  • 6. Award miles earned by children cannot be applied for VIP membership qualification and maintenance until the passengers reach 12.

  • 7. For issues not covered here, the relevant regulations for Egret Miles shall apply.